Praise for Capitalism is Past Its Sell-By Date

"This book is not a subtle endorsement of socialism. It’s a well-researched explanation of what Capitalism is and all its effects, written by a brilliant mind who understands crucial concepts such as complex systems thinking, nuisance, trade-offs, and human nature." JT

"Every young person currently in Business Schools or already on their corporate ladder MUST read this book to understand the world they are entering and what their role needs to become. RG, London, England

"This book is challenging, insightful, alarming, and IMPORTANT." EP

"This book is incredibly important." RS, India


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"Kit Webster revolutionizes his businessman’s perspective as he dives into the state of our world and dissects the dangers of pillaging and consuming resources.  His diagnoses and prescriptions are explicit and daring.  We need more business leaders like him if we are to create an economic system that serves us in the age of climate change and ecological overshoot."

 -Amy Larkin

Former Vice Chair, World Economic Forum Global Agenda, Climate Change

Author, Environmental Debt:  The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy