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Commentary - Occasional Comments by Kit

A Personal Trip to New York - Conundrum and Hypocrisy


Beth and I go to New York every year to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday. Our trip is usually a long weekend of plays, shopping, museums and good food.

As it turns out, we arrived in New York on the same day I completed the final edits on my book and sent the manuscript to my agent for submission to publishers.

The juxtaposition could not have been starker. I was preaching sustainability while enjoying all that the consumer society at the peak of empire had to offer. The end of capitalism is glorious.

And it was totally enjoyable. Continual pleasure to all senses. The quality of my life was enhanced immensely.

However, now, for the first time in my life, there was an inner voice telling me that all of this is not sustainable and that I am part of the problem. That was the angel on one shoulder. The devil on the other shoulder said that I could become a hermit, give up everything, and nothing would change.

They are both right.

I have joined Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Charles and Arnold Schwarzenegger in hypocrisy and in the fundamental conundrum that gets in the way of action. Consuming is fun and giving up consumption by yourself is masochistic. However, it must be done - not just by me, but by everyone.

A conundrum that ends in hypocrisy.

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